Important Changes in California Lease Laws Coming in 2020

Leasing a property in California is probably harder than in any other state because of all the tenant right laws and the constant changing rules about how much notice has to be given to do things such as increase rent, end a tenancy, as well as how much you can charge for certain things, what limitations can and cannot be placed on a tenant, who falls under what protected classes and how those classes have to be treated differently (e.g., if someone is active military, you cannot charge them more than one month rent as a security deposit). A huge change for landlords is that they cannot advertise “No Section 8” which was previous okay because that is now considered discriminatory.

2020 brings on a bunch of changes Landlords and Tenants in California need to know about. Click the link next to the thumbnail pic below to see the overview of the up-coming changes for 2020 provided by the California Association of Realtors. If you are a landlord, make sure you take time to read over this information.

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Quick Overview-Miscellaneous Landlord Tenant Laws for 2020 Overview