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“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great!” 

by John D. Rockefeller


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The real estate industry has changed a lot in the past few years and will continue to do so at an even faster pace. Changes in the industry will continue, so it’s extremely important that you evaluate your business to see where things are working and where they’re not. More importantly, you should analyze what kind of support you’re receiving from your company, what products and services you’re receiving for the fees you pay, and how your company is going to help you grow your business. If you think  you are more of an asset to your company than it is to you, you think you may be paying more than you should, and/or you wish you had excellent support, products, services and technology for a reasonable price, then maybe it’s time to look into Realty World-No Pressure Realty.

Realty World – No Pressure Realty is a boutique style brokerage that is part of Realty World-Northern California & Nevada, a collaborative brokerage of more than a 1,000 brokers and agents. It is the best of both worlds; you can work in a smaller office environment getting personalized support and training from the Broker as well as benefit from the members, benefits, products, services, support and training provided by corporate and the collaborative brokerage as a whole.

We have reasonable commission splits and we provide our associates with the most comprehensive marketing and advertising platform available in real estate that puts our agents in front of buyers and sellers in an impressive way. Our partnerships with top real estate sites provide online exposure that’s just simply unmatched. In addition, our agents receive FREE LEADS through the corporate website as well as through agent website blogs and listing placement on sites like Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo, AOL and

Our FREE training programs ensure that each agent is introduced to the Realty World franchise, technology and branding through a comprehensive orientation. Additional free training is constantly available through both online and in-person methods so that agents and brokers can access information 24 hours per day so they can gain the knowledge and training they need to stay cutting edge in their business and become as a successful as possible. One on one support from the Broker is also provided.

Companywide Conferences and Recognition Events are also an important way our agents stay connected and at the top of their game. To see a short clip from our 2013 Realty World Conference & Recognition Dinner, Click Here.


Some additional great benefits and tools that Realty World-No Pressure Realty offers are as follow:

1) Office Changing Made Easy

A. You do not have to let your business die or leave your listings at your old brokerage in order to join our office!  We work out arrangements with your broker so they will allow you to take your listings with you. Most brokers agree.

B. Your Basics Are Covered–things such as initial business cards, new name badge, use of open house & for sale signs, etc. are taken care of so you do not have to spend a bunch of money right away to join to our office.

C. Your E& O Insurance is FREE until May of the year following the year you join (our E&O year is May-May)…so even if you just paid for your E&O insurance at your current company, you can move over without that as an added expense.

D. You will have a choice of franchise fee options and commission structures based on your needs and production.Tired of paying 6% off the top of your commission before your split? At Realty World-No Pressure Realty, you don’t have to! You can choose to pay the 6% or simply pay only $165 per month for the franchise fee. If you are productive, why pay thousands of extra dollars each year for a Franchise fee when you can pay only $1980 per year!! In addition, we have very reasonable commission splits. If this sounds appealing to you, contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs and how Realty World-No Pressure Realty can save you lots of money while providing you with the tools and technology to help you take your business to the next level and put more money in your pocket.

E. Flexible Work Locations–Work from Home, the Offices, the Beach…Wherever Your Happy Place Is.

Our Livermore office offers common area day use work spaces, computers, printer, scanner and fax for agents who need a place to occasionally work in the office and meet with clients, but who predominantly work from home. The office offers cubicles and private desk areas as well as a potential private office space for a team or other agents who would like the benefit of sharing a large private office with each other. A comfortable conference room is available for all to use on a first come first served basis, but can be reserved by individual agents ahead of time if needed for team meetings, trainings, presentations, etc.

We also have a virtual Oakland office that allows those who work more in the East Bay to have an Oakland mailing address if they want one. Should there ever be a group of productive Oakland area agents who would like a physical office there in the future, that may be a possibility.

If your “Happy Place” is outside of your home or office, you can still work efficiently and access, sign, and send all of your files from anywhere you have internet access using our 24/7 integrated transaction management and digital signature  system. See more info about this under Great Technology below.


2) Great Technology

A. Free Online Transaction Management System & DigiSign–At Realty World-No Pressure Realty, we know your time is valuable as is your physical space, so we try to be as paperless as possible. Currently, we utilize Skyslope with DigiSign and Docusign, our 24/7 online integrated transaction management and digital signature  system, you can access, sign, and send all of your files from anywhere you have internet access! Realty World is currently working on a company CSR system that is integrated with Docusign Trasaction Room and eSign.

There is no need to have to make trips back and forth to the office when you can take all your paperwork and contacts with you on your phone, laptop, iPad, or tablet! You can simply email, fax, or upload your documents into the system from anywhere you like! If you want to come in, of course we would love to see you! As for space, why keep buying and filling filing cabinets with files when everything can be stored online for the legal amount of time. In addition, you and your clients can receive a disc with all the transaction documents on it so you do not have to worry about needing filing cabinets to store all your transaction paperwork in. With Skyslope, you do not need to pay extra money for a transaction coordinator, unless you want to.  :-).

B. Free Blog Website with Lead Tracker & Client PortalBlog Websites are far superior to static websites because they are constantly changing and they will naturally come up in search engine results based on what you blog about. Our blog sites come with a built in lead tracker. In addition, sites with IDX have a client portal where your clients can do their own searches on the MLS and automatic email notifications can be set-up. As an added bonus, your Agent Blogs are pushed to the company website for free, so the more you blog, the more you will show up on the company site and people looking for agent on the company site will more likely choose you!  Don’t know how to blog? No problem, RW offers trainings and webinars for beginner and advanced bloggers to help you generate the most business as possible from your website.

C. Free Mobile Connect-This is a great tool for all your Listings and Buyers (click links for more info). Buyers driving by your listings can scan a QR Code or send a text to get information about and pictures of your listings. You are immediately notified when they do so you can claim them as your exclusive potential buyer in the system. You can also register all your clients in the system so that they can get information on any home on the MLS that they are interested in as well! As an agent, you can utilize the system to get quick info, status, and showing instructions for listings you may drive by that may not have been on your original tour when you are out with buyers or if you are just curious about a property that you drive by or see in the newspaper.

D. Free Company Email powered by Google. Even if you already have an easy to remember email address that you want to continue using, you can utilize the power behind our online email system by forwarding all your mail from your old accounts to this one so you can manage your mail all in safe one place. You can also do the reverse and use your new email address and and forward to your personal email. If you do not have an email address you want to continue using, you can simply use the company one. Whichever works best for you.

E. Free Design Center-This easy to use online system allows you to create, print, publish and syndicate great marketing materials. Property marketing, e-marketing, personal promotion, commercial marketing and more. Over 600 easily customizable designs for flyers, brochures, post cards, brochures, flash presentations, drip mail & e-mail campaigns, etc. Don’t worry if you are not great online, there are videos and on-line tutorials that will turn you into a pro in no time! Some companies offer a “lite” version of this robust program, but at Realty World, you get all the bells and whitsles!See below for some of the many choices:

F. Free Presentation Builder- This great tool allows you to easily create many different types of presentations. All you have to do is Select a Presentation type and the system will walk you through the steps to make a high quality professional presentation you can be proud of and your clients will be impressed with. Some companies offer a “lite” version of this great program, but again, at Realty World, you get the robust version! See below for some of the many choices:

  • Listing Presentation
  • Pre-Listing Presentation
  • CMA Only Presentation
  • Expired Listing Presentation
  • FSBO Presentation
  • Short Sale Presentation
  • Short Sale with CMA Presentation
  • Buyer Presentation
  • Buyer Tour
  • Presentation Page Template
  • Listing Slideshow
  • iPad Listing Presentation

F. Video for Listings— Realty World has made it easy for agents to create not only video tours of homes, but also Agent Guided Video Tours of homes that lead to more buyer leads and potential double-ending of listings and possibly even MORE listings. Click Here to See More about how Realty World uses Video

G. Free Video Tours for City Promotion & Lead Generation–Realty World has taken the time to create City Tours for many of the markets its agents work in. Agents can use these videos on their websites to help generate buyer and seller leads for people looking to move in or out of the area. You can take a look at a some of them here:

Livermore City Tour

Pleasanton & Sunol City Tours

Dublin City Tour by RW


3) Free Marketing of Your Listings

A. National Listing Distribution Program-Realty World listings are syndicated on more than 800 websites promoting and exposing your property nationwide, including the Top 10 websites for online real estate searches.

B. Open House Syndication Program-Nearly 40 sites in our network conveniently post our Open Houses, including tour times. This exclusive system puts your Open House directly in front of buyers who are specifically searching for a property like yours.

C. Your Listings are *Featured* at the top of the search results on,,, and This provides your listings the highest amount of exposure possible on 4 of the top 5 real estate search portals – something all of our competitors do not provide!


D. Your Listings Get Realty World Network Exposure (click link for more info)–your listings are input on our company system which immediately puts your listings in front of more than 1000 other Realty World brokers and agents.

This free marketing combination puts your listings head and shoulders above the rest increasing your exposure to more than five times the number of interested buyers and more than 80 times the number of company agents than a typical brokerage has.


4) Hard Work is Recognized In-House & Companywide

A. In house recognition is provided for the accomplishments and hard work of agents in the office on a regular basis.

B. Top producers across brokerages are recognized each month in the ranking publications corporate produces for everyone to see.

C. Realty World-Northern California & Nevada Corporate Formally Honors People and Franchises Annually Realty World NCA takes the time each year to recognize and honor top producing individuals and brokerages with a formal luncheon or dinner complete with Key Note Speaker and dancing &/or entertainment. In 2013, we enjoyed a wonderful Conference and Awards Dinner in the lovely Napa Valley. To see a short clip from our 2013 Realty World Conference & Recognition Dinner, Click Here.


We know that making a move is a big decision and much research usually goes into the decision of where to go before any moves happen, so we keep all contacts confidential, so even if you are just beginning to look at other possible options to your current office, know that your privacy will be maintained. Because of this, we often meet with prospective agents away from the office in a non-real estate related setting if that is what they prefer.

If you are not quite ready to talk to anyone in person yet, but would like to see and hear more about Realty World, its products, services, and support, Click Here to watch a video entitled “Why Realty World” Posted July of 2011. Some of the stats are old, but the information will demonstrate how technologically advanced and supportive the company is.

If the information here has piqued your interest in Realty Word-No Pressure Realty and you are ready to speak to someone, contact us today for your confidential conversation to learn more about what partnering with Realty World – No Pressure Realty can do for you.

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