FREE Loan Modification Help is Coming to the Bay Area in Oakland, CA THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 – MONDAY, OCTOBER 21

FREE Loan Modification Help is Coming to the Bay Area THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 – MONDAY, OCTOBER 21
Losing your home? Been turned down for a loan modification by your bank? Need another modification, but your bank won’t help?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and you only own one property, your primary residence and you want to keep it, you need to make time to attend
OAKLAND, CA – Oakland Marriott City Center
1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94607
Hours are 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day

Register: or call 1-888-499-6222. Walk-ins are Welcome!
NACA did a modification for my home in 2009 after my bank turned us down and was able to reduce our payment by $1500 per month! They cannot help everyone, but it is free and worth a shot. Plan to get there early and stay late–there is usually a line starting at 5:30-6AM and they are often there until midnight after they close the doors–you don’t have to stay that long, but many people do. Bring snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and something to read or do along with your bank statements, pay stubs, mortgage statements, tax bill, estimates or actual costs for your monthly expenses, and any other relevant financial paperwork you have and something to write with! It will likely take you two-three days to get through the process, so be prepared to wait and be patient. They will walk you through the process so don’t freak out. Just bring your stuff and be patient and if the servicer for your loan has delegated authority to make a decision on your loan, then you should know by the end of your process if you qualify for a loan modification or not and what the exact payment and details will be. If they do not have delegated authority, NACA will package your loan modification and negotiate it with your bank for you (even if you have been previously turned down by your bank and even if you are currently in a loan modification with your bank!)

I do not work for NACA or get anything for referring people to them. I just know they were able to help me as well as other people I know. They were not able to help everyone I know who went, but that had to do more with the investor who owned their loan and not NACA’s ability to help. It is worth a shot!


If you attend, let me know how it goes!